Good News: This episode of Good News Bad News is very important, so important that I have to repeat the title.

Bad News: I do not want to read the comments of this very important Good News Bad News.

Good News: No one really comments on these anyways so I don't have to worry about looking at them because you can not see something that is not there.

Bad News: Spoilers are on the internet and in my living room, my wife spoiled Game of Thrones for herself and it is probable that some jerk will spoil Game of Thrones in the comments, it could be my wife.

Good News: I am not going to rip off my wife's face.

Bad News: I am contradicting myself.

Good News: I can always print out a picture of someone's face and rip it off of something and it will still count.

Bad News: It will not make up for them spoiling Game of Thrones.

Good News: If you are going to try and spoil Game of Thrones for me then I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!

Bad News: I am more concerned about someone spoiling Game of Thrones for me then a possible Nuclear War.

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