Not only are these kicks supposed to repel beer but apparently vomit too...

Did you know that in Germany Oktoberfest is actually celebrated in September? Well in the states most of those celebrations are actually held throughout the month of October. Luckily for us we have an event right here in the Capital Region at the end of this month where beer repentant sneakers could come in pretty handy.

Credit: Sue MacDonald
Credit: Sue MacDonald

Saratoga Harvest Fest is coming up on Saturday, September 30th at the Saratoga Race Course from 1pm to 7pm. It's the perfect spot to get out and enjoy a variety of seasonal craft beers, wines, and ciders. All while enjoying food and shopping from local vendors, plus listen to live music from The Audio Stars, Toga Boys, and Shake Rattle and Roll Dueling Pianos! Tickets are on sale and available now and if you are looking to get yours you can do that by clicking HERE.

So you know how occasionally when you are tending a festival where you are enjoying adult libations it's inevitable that someone will bump into you and spill your beverage or maybe someone has a heavy hand and fills your a cup a little too full and some of your drink ends up on your favorite shoes?

Well, Adidas has just released a new pair of shoes called “München “Oktoberfest” that are perfect for just such an occasion! Not only are they fashionable and available in traditional Oktoberfest (or fall) colors but they serve a purpose! According to the promotional video "the sneakers are made from the finest leather and DPBR coating, which stands for durable puke & beer repellent" ha! The shoes also contain stitching of the word PROST which means cheers in German and if you order them HERE they actually come with a matching beer mug!

Now I don't speak or read German but unfortunately for us I have been told that the limited edition sneakers are actually sold out already but I feel like if you are a true sneaker head you will find away to snag a pair. Plus since we live in the Capital Region I'm more than sure you can find a pair of snow boots or galoshes that work just as well as repelling liquids even if they are not quite as fashionable.

See you at the Saratoga Harvest Fest!


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