Legendary rocker Brad Whitford of Aerosmith checked in with me today on Q103 to promote Aerosmith’s upcoming tour and new Album “Music From Another Dimension”.

Check out what Whitford had to say about Aerosmiths upcoming show here in the Albany NY area and how he feels about Steven Tyler’s role as an American Idol Judge. Aerosmith has been around for more then twice as long as I have been on this earth and from what I hear they still got “it”. Click Here for details Aerosmith's upcoming show and listen to the interview below.

“We tried to go back to the roots as recording artist”

“…Once you get 5 guys in a room it’s just a matter of time”

“I would like to be on TV but I don’t think I’d like to be a judge on that show…”

“We are the biggest fans of Aerosmith”