Breathe deep, Airborne Toxic Event fans. Today (April 30) marks the release of the band's eagerly anticipated third album, 'Such Hot Blood,' and to celebrate, we're premiering a video for the tune 'True Love.' The clip is the latest installment in the group's 'Bombastic' series, which features single-take acoustic renditions of every song from the new record. Given ATE's reputation for sonic grandiosity, such performances cast the L.A. indie fivesome in something of a new light, and here, rather than kick it stadium-style, frontman Mikel Jollett and the gang spin the dimmer, spark some candles and strum, fiddle and pluck their way through a galloping folk-rock jam, grinning all the while. Watch it below!

We suspect the tune sounds slight bigger onstage each night as the Airborne Toxic Event cross the country, promoting 'Such Hot Blood' with a tour that launched last month and wraps June 20 in Albany, N.Y. Click here for the full itinerary, and if you hit up a show, bring your earplugs. ATE have their Americana moments, but we're guessing they haven't gone full-on Mumfords on us.

Watch the Airborne Toxic Event's Acoustic Version of 'True Love'