A bar in downtown Albany is making statewide headlines and showing up on a list that credits it as one of the best bars in New York.

Thrillist.com recently published a list of “The Best Bars in NY Outside of NYC" and the City Beer Hall made the cut. It’s not a surprised that something in Albany relating to beer is getting recognition because since I’ve moved here it seems to be what we do best here.

City Beer Hall has a constant variety of nearly 20 local craft beers on tap and they offer free pizza with your beer. The combination of a free pizza with a beer is just as good as, if not better than, getting a glow-in-the-dark compass with your "Frosted Flakes."

Thrillist.com continues to talk about the great advantages of checking out City Beer Hall and then they share what they claim is insider knowledge.

“Time to hit the unmarked entrance on the side of the building to ring a buzzer for Speakeasy 518. Co-owner Kaelin Ballinger doesn’t broadcast this space, but we do: it’s got an extensive cocktail menu that uses all fresh ingredients, artisanal and local spirits, and house-made bitters. “ - thrillist.com

So get off you tushey and go experience some local bars in the Albany area.

9 Maple Ave in Saratoga Springs is another local bar making the list. If you like single malt scotch whiskey then I am told this is the place to go. I will join you if you are into scotch but I'm a fancy martini guy myself. You drink a scotch and I'll order an appletini or maybe one of their other 250 martinis.

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