If you are in the dark, chances are you’re looking at this on a smart phone. If you’re wondering about an outage in your neighborhood, need to report an outage, wondering how long it’ll last, and other information, then check out the map below. 

If your power is out please make sure to check on elderly neighbors and others to make sure they are safe. Invite them over to your house or spend some time with them so they aren’t all alone. If your power is out, try to avoid using candles for light. Do not ever use anything that burns fuel such as a lantern. Be very careful if using candles! Make sure to stock on batteries for flashlights before the storm and have some extra batteries for your neighbors too.

To report an outage by phone:

National Grid: 1-800-867-5222

NYSEG: 1-800-572-1131

Central Hudson: 1-800-527-2714

CVPS: Only accepting notice via their website


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