Albany County Jail has reached maximum capacity with 330 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees.

According to The Times Union,  the Albany County Jail received another 100 men who were detained on immigration charges at the U.S. border on Thursday maxing the jail out. According to Sheriff Craig Apple, the 1,040-bed jail houses immigrants arrested on "low-level" offenses as contracted with ICE and the county receives $119 a day for detainees. He also said that they are being held in air conditioned areas of the jail and they are separated from the general population and that he and his staff are doing what they can do to ensure the detainees are treated well and get due process. "When you see these people get off of a plane, obviously dirty, some sickly--- this is 2018, We're in the greatest country in the world and we can treat people a little better. Where showing people Albany County is a compassionate county, and I think we can set an example," Apple said.

What are your thoughts on Albany County Jail reaching maximum capacity?

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