Each sport has it's season. Football, baseball, fishing and hunting all have their time of year. Certainly, you could play football in June and nobody will punish you however shoot a deer out of season and the police just might come knocking.

That's exactly what happened at a home in Albany County and the suspect almost got away with it. .

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On Christmas Day 2021 a Guilderland resident reported the sound of a single gun shot to the New York DEC. What could have happened? Was someone in trouble? Could they be certain that was a gun shot? Best to let officers handle it.

When DEC officials arrived at the home where the report originated from the individual recounted that he had been standing outside his home when he heard what sounded like a muzzleloader, which is a rifle loaded from the muzzle.

Photo by Austin Gasper on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Gasper on Unsplash

Officers made their way to the suspects home to investigate. Once they made contact with the homeowner and asked if he had heard any gun shots and he reported that he had not heard anything. Officers asked a few more questions including gaining permission to look inside the man's barn.

After a search of the suspects barn turned up nothing officers started to wrap up their investigation and made their way out of the barn. that is when they noticed something sticking out from underneath a pickup truck, a spike deer.


According to the DEC the deer was tucked underneath the bed of the pickup truck in an attempt to conceal the evidence. At this point the homeowner admitted to shooting the spike deer. With that, the suspect was issued a $500 fine, which he recently paid. the deer was donated to a local processor for the Venison Donation Coalition.

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