While the Albany Empire may be eliminated from the Arena Football League playoffs, They still had one hell of a season. So did Malachi Jones.

With a league-leading 1,156 yards, 77 receptions, and 34 total touchdowns, Malachi Jones showed exactly what he is made of and exactly how good he is. For that effort, he also won the rookie of the year honors for the AFL as well. That isn't the only thing his spectacular season did for him. Malachi Jones will now have a chance to play in the NFL next year.

It is easy to say Malachi was a huge reason that the Albany Empire led the league for wins. Not the only reason as that team was just so impressive for a year one expansion team.

The Chicago Bears have signed Jones to their 90-man roster. Hopefully, he will be able to secure a place on the 53 man roster and play some games next season. We wish Malachi well!