Rivers are but just the road ways of the nautical world, right? So had he been in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang this would have been completely acceptable.

According to the TU an elderly man drove his car straight into the Hudson river on November 10th. Fire Chief Warren Abriel has said that witness explained the situation in a way that makes them think this was an intentional act. Allegedly an 85-year-old man pulled up to the boat launch near the Corning Preserve and revved his engine before driving into the water. He was soon rescued by Police divers and taken to the hospital.

Was this a tragic act of depression? Or was this man looking for a thrill? I find it easier to deal with sad situations by making up a motive that better suites my sense of humor. Until this man admits to why he truly drove his car into the water I will continue to believe it was one of two reasons. Either he was confused by the direction from his GPS or he was trying to jump the river Evel Knievel style.