This is, hands down, one of the coolest and rarest barn finds I've ever seen, and it was right here in Upstate New York.

To style this car’s body, an Italian sculptor was hired. It was a work of art straight out of the Space Age. The day this car was unveiled at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, 12,000 orders were placed – a first day sales record that wasn’t beat until Tesla released the 2016 Model 3. Classic and Sports Car Magazine voted it the most beautiful car of all time. It placed third in the Car of the Century awards, as chosen by the automotive industry in 1999.

The handling and braking are still considered some of the most ground breaking ever put in a sports car. It was one of the first cars available to the public to have disc brakes and hydropneumatic suspension.

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Jay Leno owns one. Cary Grant specifically requested one he get to drive one in A Touch of Mink. French President Charles de Gaulle once outran a freaking assassination attempt in one. And one just turned up in a barn in the Catskills last month.

What amazing European sports car was found in a Catskills barn?

PLawrence99cx/Wikimedia Commons
PLawrence99cx/Wikimedia Commons

Feast your eyes on the 1970 Citroën DS.

Finding these French beauties is rare in Europe, and even more so in the US. Despite the drool-worthy exterior and exceptional performance, it didn’t come with air conditioning and power windows so Americans turned up their noses.

According to the eBay listing with this gorgeous piece of automotive history,

This is a true barn find that has been parked in an upstate New York barn since 1995. I am selling it for a friend, the car was his father's. The motor appears to be stuck from sitting unattended to for 27 years. Mileage shows 43k but not sure if it has gone around once.

Today a Citroën DS will set you back, on average, $75,000. This one just sold for $5,900, and yes, it needs some care and attention, but as barn finds go? It’s not in awful condition. An absolute steal. (Parts are hard to come by, though.) Take a look!

Astonishing Catskills Barn Find! A 1970 Citroën DS!

This is easily one of the most eye-catching cars ever made. Someone is very, very lucky.

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