We have seen some pretty awesome mugshots from the local police departments thus far in 2012. We have had some entertaining jailhouse hotties. There was the trifecta crown jewel of them all (the cat hoarding was a bonus) but this one is right up there too. This gentleman was arrested in Albany (NY) after robbing someone of their cellphone in Washington Park.

Meet Eli Grajales. He's 18 and from Albany. That's him on the left. He and his accomplice (George, on  the right) asked a guy for a cigarette and then knocked him down and stole his cellphone. Eli and George were arraigned in Albany City Court this morning (Thursday) and are still in the Albany County Jail.

The police press release on the arrest doesn't explain how they both ended up shirtless and looking like someone hit Eli in the forehead with a hatchet. However it happened though makes for one great mugshot.

Why the hell is Albany so weird? You have to admit that not only are there a lot of odd occurrences here, but the endless supply of classy mugshots supports the theory that something isn't right in Albany.

At least it's more amusing than other places.

UPDATE: The Albany PD released an updated press release which answers our question about his head injury. It's not a hatchet as we wanted to pretend, but instead:

Eli Grajales was also charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd after he intentionally banged his head against the wall at the Albany Police South Station several times which caused damage to the sheetrock.

Well, that's better than a hatchet, we suppose.