If you're looking to see some animals you may not normally see and get the zoo experience in Upstate New York look no further. 

Going to a zoo is something that I always love to do. Big or small it doesn't matter to me because I'm getting to learn about animals that I don't normally see in my own backyard.

To be fair, the only animals I'm seeing in my own backyard are squirrels, rabbits, and birds.

My kids and I were looking for something fun to do and they really wanted to go to the zoo type place. I had to break it to them that here in the Capital Region we really don't have a traditional "zoo" so to speak. When I was a kid the one we always went to was the now abandoned Catskill Game Farm.

While taking a stroll down memory lane we came across a place right in the same area as the old game farm called Bailiwick Animal Park.


Located in Catskill, New York it is less than an hour drive from Albany. It features a few dozen exotic animals throughout the park, which is very kid friendly I will add. You can even feed some of them feed that you can get inside the gift shop.

There are a few animals you cannot feed, such as various exotic birds, two different bears, a tiger and alligators. But the goats, llamas and other animals are very much wanting to interact with you.

I was curious why I hadn't heard of this place before now. It's likely because it officially opened as an animal park in 2007 after the Catskill Game Farm closed down.

Many of the animals that you see there are either rescues or they've been adopted by the ranch.


This is a great activity for the family, and it's pretty affordable. Not only is this is an animal park but they also offer horseback riding - which is how Bailiwick got it's start back in 1963.

Beautiful views, lots of animals and plenty of fun for the kids between feeding the little ones and the various playgrounds they offer. We were fortunate to be there while they also had a comedy/magic show going on where my daughter actually got to be a volunteer.

Full disclosure, it isn't massive. So don't feel like this will be an all day event. We probably spent a little over an hour there. We also didn't do the horseback riding either, though I saw plenty of people were.

Just a short drive from the heart of the Capital Region, this place is a fun summer spot you and your family should check out.

Explore the Old Catskill Game Farm in New York

Let's see what the Catskill Game Farm looks like in 2024. If you want to buy the place, contact agent Jeanne Rakowski at Corcoran Country Living.

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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