At 500,000 gallons a day that's no small leak!

swimminng pool

I grew up in a part of the country where water was practically considered a luxury and water conservation was drilled into you since day one. Don't let the faucet run while you're brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers. Only water your lawn a couple times a week. I mean it literally felt like we were always in a drought.

So when I read headlines such as this it absolutely floors me that people or (more specifically in this case) the state can be so wasteful with resources. I suppose that a lot of it comes from the fact that they have never been in a situation where a lack of water was a factor but still. The pool has been leaking for 90 years and right now it is leaking up to 500,000 gallons of water a day!

I just can't wrap my head around the fact that they have let it go on for so long. According to News10 the Lincoln Park Pool in Albany was built back in 1930 and has pretty much been leaking water ever since. When the pool is full it holds around 1.5 Million gallons of water and if you don't continue to funnel water into the pool within 3 days the pool will be completely empty.

So where does all the leaking water go? Right into the sewer system. Apparently the water department isn't too worried about all the water that is needed to refill the pool because "it doesn't cost the city money because they produce it." I'm not sure exactly how they produce water I'm pretty sure it's a natural resource that falls from the sky and fills the lakes, oceans, and such but then again I'm no expert.

There is some good news to go along with all the wastefulnessthough . Looks like the city is finally looking into fixing the leak (90 years later) and is putting aside $100,000 to try to fix the leak. Plus since "Lincoln Park is considered as a state historic site the city may be able to get some grants to fix the problem."

Well lets hope we can get the problem fixed soon so we can stop wasting water and still enjoy a refreshing dip in the summertime.