It seems like a total butt ton of sinkholes have been popping up all over the capital region in the last year or so, the problem is about to get fixed.

News Channel 10 recently reported on the issue and it literally has been a month since the massive sinkhole in Albany appeared at the near the intersection of Elberon Place and South Lake Avenue. Logically you would think that being such a large issue it would have already been dealt with, right? Wrong. This was no ordinary sinkhole if there is such thing. This took a SUV 15 feet into the ground. Sounds like something straight out of a poorly produced B film movie. Except it was real and is still a present danger.

I would be fearful of the damn thing getting bigger.Originally workers had been hoping to have everything all patched up by Labor Day but weather had prevented such from happening. It isn't even so much the sinkhole either, its the water main below ground which spurred everything. It all should be done very soon! An additional 8-10 days needed to complete. More below.