A water main break has caused some shows at the Palace Theatre to be either moved in location or cancelled.  The local music venue fell victim to Albany's old infrastructure and poor placement, and is going to be closed through at least Monday.

According to News Channel 13, streets in the area around the Palace were closed yesterday while crews were working to try to fix the issue, and the Palace Theatre and the Leo O'Brien building were closed.  It looks like they are doing what they can with the events, and the The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa is going to be held at the Egg instead of the Palace.  For other cancelled shows, they will be honoring refunds.

It's not shocking though- burst pipes aren't uncommon.  And News Channel 13 mentioned some of the water pipes installed in the late 1800's in Albany were wooden (yes, you read that right), and there's infrastructure even older than that.  My cell phone can't even last 3 years, let alone a wooden water pipe lasting over 100!