To be honest, I feel like busted sewer lines have been wreaking havoc all across the Capital Region for the last couple of years now, I think it might be time for some upgrades.

David McNew/Getty Images

It's almost like the constant closing and reopening of Million Dollar Beach in Lake George is has become something we expect to happen on the regular.

Over the last several years and definitely since I have lived in the Capital it seems like the DEC is shutting down the beach for E. coli contamination like every other week. Last year I remember they were saying that the contamination had to do with the unusually high volume of ducks (more specifically their feces) in the area. Apparently in years past the contamination has been blamed on numerous different factors like diapers left by beach goers and dogs on the beach.

Well, this summer it looks like a new issue is taking the blame. According to News10 a village crew conducting cameras underground on sewer pipes found that a pipe near the Garrison Restaurant was broken. And apparently it was not just any pipe but “major line for the sewer district" where sewage from the broken pipe was running into the storm drain and into the lake. They say that National Grid was putting a gas line in across the road and somehow went straight through the pipe. I guess no one noticed or bothered to tell anyone if they did.

To me however, this raises a bigger question. Is it about time the Capital Region started making preventive repairs to our aging sewage and plumbing systems? Um, I think yes. Don't get me wrong I'm all for all the new amenities we are getting but this seems a little more important than a bike path across the state.

Just 3 days ago we learned that there was a Sewage Leak In The Hudson River Around Troy and Albany amounting to 4 MILLION gallons! Back in March Over 100,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Has Spilled Into Hudson River, In July of last year 300,000 Gallons Of Raw Sewage Flowing Into The Mohawk River Near Amsterdam and 5,000 Gallons Of Raw Sewage Spilled Into Saratoga Lake. Those are just a couple that we reported on in the last year. Don't get me started on the on the sinkholes and leaky pools.

Is it just me or is this becoming a bit to repetitive for something not to be done about it?