Hollywood and Broadway have a long tradition of turning classic films into musical numbers and productions. It’s happened to ‘Spider Man,’ Mel Brooks’ ‘The Producers, ‘Big’ and even all three ‘Evil Dead’ movies.

So until we get the inevitable ‘Aliens’ musical, we can all enjoy this intentionally funny musical version.

This little ditty, dubbed “Far Away From LV426,” came from the minds of Jon and Al Kaplan. This isn’t their first attempt at turning a classic film into a singing stage adaptation. Their YouTube page is filled with musical adaptations of famous films from ‘Commando’ to ‘Terminator 2: The Opera.’ They even wrote an entire stage opera for ‘Silence of the Lambs’ called ‘Silence!: The Musical’ that earned a stage adaptation from a real Tony-nominee and won the Overall Excellence Award at a NYC Fringe Festival, according to their bio page.

They even turned one of their more famous songs from ‘Silence!’ into a Lego animated music video. We should warn you. It’s about the movie’s infamous serial killer Buffalo Bill and his most famous scene, so the NSFW language should be the least of your concerns. Hearing “Put the [expletive deleted] lotion in the basket” set to a melody will haunt your vision every time you close your eyes from now on.