Mili Hernandez is 8-year-old and plays soccer for Omaha's Azzuri Cachorros soccer club. She's really good, too. Even though she's only 8, she plays on the 11-year-old team. Her father says that it's pretty much all she wants to do. So obviously, Mili was very disappointed when her team was disqualified from a tournament recently.  And the reason why? WOWT reports that the Springfield Soccer Club league officials believed that Mili was a boy and disqualified the entire team.

You see, Mili has a short haircut. Due to this, the league officials deemed her to be a boy and made their decision. Not even her parents providing proof that she was a girl in the form of an insurance card was enough to change their decision.

The Springfield Soccer Club said that if Mili's parents want to appeal their decision, they would have to take it all the way to the Nebraska State Soccer Association, which seems like a ridiculous hoop to have to jump through just to prove that their daughter is actually a girl.

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