Anheuser Busch, which brings us the all-mighty Budweiser, has shut down a beer line in an effort to help Hurricane Sandy Victims.  The Cartersville, Georgia Brewery has switched from producing cans of beer to packaging cans of water with a goal of shipping one million cans of water to New York and New Jersey.

With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy preventing friends, loved ones and those in need of even basic necessities such as water in New York and New Jersey, one of the biggest beer brewers in the world has stepped in to help.  An Anheuser Busch brewery in Georgia has halted a beer line in order to can water and ship the cases to Sandy victims.

About 4,000 cases are already on the way according to reports and that the Red Cross will distribute the cans to the areas most in need. This isn't the first time the company has looked out for us either.  Justin Gray of Fox 5 states on that "It's something Aneheuser-Busch first did to help victims of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Since then, they've shipped more than 70 million cans of water to disaster areas."

Hats off to Anheuser Busch for bottling water instead of beer to help those in need.  The next time you're sipping on a cold Bud, you know that the money you paid for the can is going to a business that has their priorities straight.