Say goodbye to yet another department store in the Capital Region.  According to News Channel 13, The Bon-Ton Stores are not just shutting a few stores, but going out of business completely.  A liquidation firm won a bid for the company at auction, and the 160-year old business is coming to an end.  We’ve got some locations around the Capital Region, with Bon-Ton stores in Saratoga and up in Queensbury.  It just seems it’s been a year of closings already, with Toys R’Us closing down, other stores cutting locations, and now the shutdown of Bon-Ton Stores.  In an age of technology, I personally feel like these stores can’t keep with all of the internet deals and online shopping.  I am a mall-goer however, and love to walk through stores and browse, so I hate to see all of these businesses closing down.  Not to mention all of the jobs that will be effected with the closing of the company.  However, if you’re looking for a sale, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one as the stores close and liquidate.  You can get more info at News Channel 13!