In my opinion, the fall is horror movie season. I prefer ghost stories or a good possession. Sometimes I am in the mood for a slasher flick but zombie and torture movies rarely appeal to me.

When I started to write this post, I thought that it would be easy to categorize horror movies. Knowing that I do not know everything there is to know about horror movies I turned to Google and searched “Horror Movie Categories.” I now regret googling it. I saw too many unnecessary categories like French Zombies, Psycho-biddy, Erotic Horror and Pornographic Horror (because there is a difference apparently). I did not want to count how many categories there are because I don’t want to get angry but, as always, I do blame Millennials for this.

I would like to simplify horror movie categories:

Ghost Stories: Self-explanatory if it’s a movie about a ghost or ghosts then it’s a Ghost Story.

Possession: A movie about someone or something getting possessed by a demon or entity.

Slasher: A movie about a person who is murdering other people, usually with a knife or a machete.

Zombie: I don’t think I really need to explain this one but I will anyway just to be clear. If there is a zombie or zombies in the movie then it is a Zombie Movie.

Torture: A torture movie is about a person or people who torture other people.

Monster: If it is not a Ghost, Zombie, Person, Alien or Demon then it is a monster. Vampires, Werewolves, Creatures, Giant Lizards are all monsters. I don’t care how humanized the monster is in the movie, if it is not a Ghost, Zombie, Person, Alien or Demon then it’s a monster.

Alien: If it is about an Alien from Outer Space then it’s an Alien Movie.

Psychological: Is a movie about a person or people who murder people and mess with their heads.

I know that I used some fancy horror movie terms to open up this blog but now I change my mind and on second thought even that list of horror movie categories is to complex. It should just be Ghosts, Monsters and Psychos. If the scary thing in a horror movie that is killing people is not human then it’s a monster. If it’s human then they're a psycho. If it’s dead (and not a reanimated corpse) then it’s a ghost.

All I wanted to do was write a blog about what type of horror movies I like and ask you what type of Horror Movies you like, but Millennials had to ruin it.

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