I can’t be certain yet but it appears there’s a public love affair in the Q103 building with a tubby and the dude who stocks the vending machine.

Last week I noticed a note addressed to the “Candy Man” taped to the vending machine in the break room. I made fun of it on air and called the anonymous author a fatty. But today I noticed that the vending machine guy had wrote back and now there is some creepy saturated fat love afire going on for all to see.

First off: you don’t make demands to the vending machine guy…ever! If the machine doesn’t have the over priced treats you want you except it. You’re not suppose to get all sugar neglected and pro active.

2nd: you certainly don’t address a letter saying “Dear Candy Man”. Hello, he delivers Doritos and cupcakes too. That’s a lot more then just CANDY pal! You might have offended this guy and there’s no telling when he’s going to strike. Oh, wow he brought you the mint M7Ms you asked for, good for you. Guess who’s not going to eat those M&Ms… me! That candy is poised with out a doubt! Have fun explaining to your doctor that you anus fell out because you wanted some mint M&Ms.