An all new crunchy way to enjoy some of your favorite candy has officially opened up in Albany!

Everyone has a sweet tooth. The type of sweets that you want? Well that is a different story. What if you took some of your favorite gummy and chewy candies and added a crunch factor to them? That's what the freeze dried rage is right now when it comes to some of our favorites.

From Skittles to Airheads and even marshmallows, people are adding a crunchy twist to these staples.

Crunch and Sweet

The capitalize on the crunchy trend, a brand new store specializing in freeze dried treats has officially opened up right here in Albany. Crunch and Sweet opened up at the end of June at 33 Fuller Road and has a store that is jam packed with goodies.


I recently went in to check it out with my kids because who is the best test audience for candy, right? To no surprise they loved all the things we got from this store. We ended up with freeze dried Lemonheads, Skittles, Fruit Rollups and marshmallows that were made to look like mini ice cream cones.

The familiar taste of Skittles and Lemonheads were there but with a much different texture. So it can be a little odd to your taste buds if you are expecting soft and get crunchy.

Personally for me I like the crunch texture of these candies.

Crunch and Sweet also allows online ordering for delivery or pick up for those of us a too busy to head into the store.

I also noticed they had cotton candy cakes, which I did not try but seemed very interesting.


One of the questions I asked them was if freeze drying the candy made it a healthier alternative. The answer is kind of? It's still candy and it is still sugar, however the process removes a lot of the moisture which does reduce the calories in it. Also according to,

Freeze-dried candy offers significant advantages over traditional candy. It preserves the natural flavors and nutrients without extra preservatives, providing a cleaner and more satisfying option. Its intense flavor and crisp texture help with better portion control, potentially reducing overall sugar intake.

Everything in moderation, right? I highly recommend checking out Crunch and Sweet here in Albany for a new twist of some of your favorite candy.

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