A new study shows that Americans are getting used to the ideas of driverless cars on our roads. How would you feel about seeing them on the roads here in the Capital Region?

According to a new poll conducted by Deloitte and referenced by WNYT, Americans no longer mind the idea of driverless cars on their roads as much as they used to. Maybe the technology is getting better or maybe technology has just become so infused in our day-to-day life that it no longer seems like the stretch it once did.

Whatever the reason, we are going to be self-driving vehicles on the roads more and more as companies chase down the likely-lucrative technology that is going to change not just our travel habits, but also the economy.

But let's zoom in on our area for a minute. Forget the big changes coming as a result of this technology, do you want to see them on our roads here in the Capital Region? If you saw a vehicle without a driver on Central Ave. tomorrow, would you be bothered? How about the Northway? Your neighborhood? We want to know what you guys think, so take a second to choose an option in the poll below and see if your opinion lines up with other people in our area.


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