Avenged Sevenfold recently had to cancel their show that was scheduled today (May 1) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Citing safety issues, the band took to its website to apologize for the missed show.

They explained that when they arrived on site, the staging was just not safe enough for either the band or their crew, in addition to the thousands of fans who would be in attendance.

A7X also made a point to say that any rumors floating around that the band was worried about personal security are not true. The only reason the show was cancelled was due to the defective stage.

Here’s the full statement from the band:

Over the years, Jakarta, with its many loyal A7X fans, has become one of our favorite cities to visit. And so it is with the deepest regret that we announce tonight’s (May 1) concert in Jakarta, Indonesia has been cancelled.

Upon arriving at the venue in the morning and consulting with local production staff it was determined that the stage at Carnaval Beach was not safe and would endanger the band and the thousands of fans who had purchased tickets. Although the building of a stage is the responsibility of the promoter, not the band, our production crew made every effort to work with local staff to find a way to overcome concerns and put on a safe event. Unfortunately the safety concerns were too great and made it impossible for us to perform.

You may read reports from others that the show was cancelled because the band was worried about its security. Do not believe it. There is only one reason the show was cancelled: the stage had numerous defects and was not safe and our fans, as well as the band and crew, could have been hurt.

Words cannot adequately express how disappointed we are at missing the opportunity to play in Jakarta. As more details and information are determined we will post them on AvengedSevenfold.com

The cancellation did lead to some local fall out. “Thousands of workers staged massive rallies in the heart of Jakarta on May Day, disrupting traffic and public transportation,” according to The Jakarta Post.

The paper also reported that the band asked the promoter Melanie Subono to send them home to the United States. Subono reportedly took to her own Twitter account to comment, saying, “Luckily, we managed to get tickets for them. If we had not, maybe they would have asked to stay at my place because of the panic they were in.”

No word yet on whether or not this will impact the band’s scheduled show in Abu Dhabi on May 4.