Named Satellite's Best Drama Television Series of 2023 (, the show "Billions" has encapsulated viewers for 6 seasons now. The crew is currently in the process of filming season 7, which has recently brought them to our neck of the woods!

Showtime Productions,
Showtime Productions,

Based on a True Story?

Loosely based on the history between hedge-fund manager Steve Cohen and former NY Attorney Preet Bharara (, the show follows a "catch me if you can" game between a hedge-fund manager trying to expand his riches (Damian Lewis) and the federal attorney trying to prosecute his illegal actions (Paul Giamatti).

While Showtime has not yet settled on a release date for the new season, fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Lewis' character, Bobby "Axe" Axelrod, who fled the country at the end of season 5 to avoid the law (Aaron Marbone, Adirondack Daily Enterprise).

In filming their newest season, the cast and crew found themselves in the hamlet of Paul Smiths last week. Using areas like the White Pine Camp and Paul Smiths College to film, it's obvious they wanted an eye-catching snowy location. Signs with arrows that read "base camp", "catering", and "billions" (as shown above) were put up around town to guide cast and crew.

Production staff were rather tight-lipped when asked about the show to avoid any leaks. That being said, it's unclear whether the episode(s) that were filmed here are actually taking place in the Adirondacks or if they just used this location purely for aesthetic purposes (Aaron Marbone, Adirondack Daily Enterprise).

They plowed off snow on the Saranac Inn golf course. Sunday afternoon a helicopter landed in the cleared area to film a segment. Wow! - Bev Stellges,  (Adirondack Enterprise via Facebook)


The show was shot on a "closed set" so as to prevent spoilers, but the employees of the series (who remain anonymous because of the secrecy surrounding production) stated that they enjoyed being in the Adirondacks, and that this was a "welcome winter location" to film at (Aaron Marbone, Adirondack Daily Enterprise).

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