Want to know how to guarantee that your child will be picked on for most of their life?  Name him or her after a semi popular video game character.  That's what these 'Skyrim' fans did to their new born baby. 


So a couple of parents that love to play the new game 'Skyrim' have taken their love of the game to a new level.  By naming their baby after one of the games characters.  Here I thought that only celebrities were the ones using dumb names.

The babies name is Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer.  I am willing to bet that this kid starts calling himself Tom by the 4th grade and also moves far, far away once he turns 18.  Great parenting.  I mean now this kid has to explain for the rest of his life that he got his name from a super nerdy video game.  Also, Dovahkiin means "dragon born" in fake video game dragon language.  Good luck kid.

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