It’s that time of the year that kids dread but adults love. It’s back to school time and Tatiana and I are going back to school on the Generation X Files!

On this episode of the Generation X Files, Tatiana and I talk about how Millennials have forever altered the experience of going back to school. Millennials with their social media accounts have ruined mystery but cured the uncertainty of going back to school.

Tatiana and I compare and share our own school-related experiences, our stories may shock you or come as no surprise. One thing is for sure: I, Dan America, was not the smelly kid. Tatiana wants you to believe that I was the smelly kid because I did not start combing my hair until middle school, this is not true. There was a smelly kid at my elementary school but he combed his hair, there is a difference.

Find out what else we talk about on this very educational episode of The Generation X Files.

Coming Soon:

Back to School (part 2)

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