2018 brought us three new Bad Religion songs, but no new album. However, that will change in 2019 as the band confirmed that a new release is definitely in the works during an interview with KROQ at the Almost Acoustic Christmas radio festival over the weekend.

"We're not announcing the album yet, but everyone knows we've been working on it," guitarist Brett Gurewitz reveals in the video below. "So it will be coming out in 2019. And an official announcement will be made in January."

Back in June, Bad Religion returned with their first new music since 2013's True North album, delivering the politically-tinged track "The Kids Are Alt-Right." With an animated video accompanying the new song, the group takes their shots at the political climate with biting lyrical and visual commentary.

A second new track, "The Profane Rights of Man," arrived in October, seemingly rooted in the band's Empire Strikes First era. “The song is based on the 1789 document, 'The Universal Rights of Man.' Since we’re a band that has a longstanding tradition of championing the enlightenment, we wanted to emphasize that our society is based on a profane rather than a sacred theological justification for human rights," said singer Greg Graffin. "In sum, the song is about Bad Religion’s belief in a secular basis for the protection of human rights for all people.”

A third new song, "My Sanity," was released just last month. The short, high-energy rocker about questioning your sanity in a world seemingly gone mad.

At present, the band's tour schedule is vacant, having just finished up 2018 with their KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas appearance. But with a new album now in the works, expect to see more of the veteran rockers in 2019.

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