Bad Religion vocalist Greg Graffin will release his third solo album, Millport, this year! The punk legend, science professor and acclaimed author’s latest effort is set to drop on March 10.

Graffin’s folk/country style of journeyman rock has been showcased on 1997’s American Lesion and 2006’s Cold as the Clay. It’s also influenced some of Bad Religion’s best 21st century material, such as “Sorrow” and “The Devil in Stitches.” So if you’re into Graffin at his most etherial, Millport may be your jam of 2017.

“This feels as exciting to me as when we made the Bad Religion record Suffer,” says Graffin. “Like everything had been leading up to the songs and they just happened totally organically in this short intense burst. I’m really just doing what I did back then, which is write songs that mean something to me and deliver them in a way that is completely honest.”

Millport was produced and co-written by longtime Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz and features members of Social Distortion. “It’s the two songwriters from Bad Religion and the rhythm section of Social Distortion, two influential LA punk bands, getting together to do an authentic country rock album, a genre most would think is the absolute antithesis of punk rock,” says Gurewitz. “But I think it sounds great. Both are iconic Southern California genres. It’s like the Laurel Canyon sound played by the kids who were smashing up the clubs a few years later.”

Graffin has released the new track “Making Time” from his forthcoming solo record, so take a listen below. To pre-order Millport, head over to Amazon or iTunes.

Greg Graffin, "Making Time"

Greg Graffin, Millport Track Listing:

1. Backroads of My Mind - 3:53
2. Too Many Virtues - 3:04
3. Lincoln's Funeral Train - 3:43
4. Millport - 3:19
5. Time of Need - 3:33
6. Making Time - 3:24
7. Shotgun - 2:38
8. Echo on the Hill - 2:30
9. Sawmill - 2:11
10. Waxwings - 3:27

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