It's a new year, meaning new laws taking effect in New York.

Yes, I know bail reform has been all over the news and social media since even before the year turned.  I know I've made my thoughts on that known before, and I've gotta bite my tongue now otherwise it's like beating a dead horse.  However, aside from just bail reform, there are a number of new changes happening in New York.

I found a great breakdown of new laws at the Times Union.  I'm just listing them, but if you're interested the article at the Times Union has some more information on each new law.  Here are some of the changes:

  • Bail Reform: apparently Governor Cuomo estimates this will keep 90% of people out of jail until there is resolution to their case.  Biting my tongue.
  • Farmworkers Rights: The right to organize for labor, have time off, and collect overtime
  • Minumum Wage: Going up to $15 an hour (I'm just saying, that's about $3.00 more an hour than I ever made at my first full time job)
  • Teen Voting: No teens can't vote, but as of the age of 16, they can now pre-register to vote.
  • Gun Laws: A law will be taking effect that criminalizes weapons that an X-ray machine or metal detector can't catch
  • You can read about them all, and some more new laws, here.

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