Right now in the NFL it looks like a two horse race for MVP this year between New England's Tom Brady and Philadelphia's Michael Vick.

If I had to put my money on the choice for MVP right now it would be Tom Brady, but not by a land slide.  Michael Vick is right there with him and with 2 games left in the NFL it is anybody's guess.

Brady is coming off a huge comeback game against a very hungry Packer team.  Then again Michael Vick is coming off a big comeback win over the NY Giants.  Once again I am stuck.  Compelling arguments for both players.  So who has the better on field advantage?

That would have to go to Vick.  He has targets like Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to throw too and Lesean McCoy in the back field.  Brady has an under sized Danny Woodhead and Benjarvis Green Elis.  His only allstar is Wes Welker.  When you compare them by the numbers Brady had more TD's and more yards, but who is more valuable to their team?  Philly proved they can win without Vick when they beat the Falcon's under Kevin Kolb.  I don't think New England is the same team without Brady unless there magically is another Matt Cassell waiting for him to go down with an injury.  Right now I would say my MVP pick this year is Tom Brady.  Michael Vick is hands down a shoe in for come back player of the year though.  It's going to be an exciting conclusion to this NFL season.