One of the biggest party days of the year, what does that mean? Cops are on the lookout. Be careful.

Whether you are rooting for the for the Patriots or against them, that will not stop a police officer from laying down the law on you. The big game happens today and if you are maybe going out to a bar with friends or crashing a buddies living room to watch, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

NYUP says police are looking for people who have had too much to drink and get behind the wheel. I know many times you think you may be good. But you may not be. Take an Uber, get a Lyft, or call a cab. Anything.

We have the luxury of these options as opposed to prior years in the area. Take advantage of them. Beyond that, the police will also be on the lookout for distracted drivers too. In reality, if this is happening there are far more police officers on the roads today. So be safe.

Now as far as the big game goes. Go Rams and come on commercials!


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