These lovely ladies are not very good at multitasking, being beautiful and thinking at the same time must be hard to do, just watch as these beauty queens fail at answering questions and looking beautiful at the same time.


When I found these videos, I could not tell these two apart.

I have a suggestion for all of these types of Pageants; Instead of looking for the best answer, why not encourage the contestants to answer these super important questions like these two?

No one remembers the contestant that gives the right answer, and that is what they are looking for, they don't want a honest answer based on these girls opinions or personal beliefs.

Everyone remembers the stupid answers, or the bad answers, where the girl slips up and accidentally shows everyone who they really are.

If we are looking for one woman to represent a state or the entire country, I would like that woman to be honest.

Then again, what kind of influence does Miss USA or Miss America really have?

If the purpose of Miss America is to elect a role model, that all American woman of all ages should look up to, then why not elect an honest Miss America?

Another suggestion; MMA tournament to crown the winner instead of all this other nonsense. Except the swim suit competition.... it's a competition right?