Good News: This video was posted to our Youtube on Friday so it is not as belated as you think!

Bad News: It only has 7 views so only 7 people know.

Good News: No one seems to like reboots or remakes.

Bad News: Somehow people are still paying to see Tom Cruise movies.

Good News: I started doing movie reviews.

Bad News: I spent too much time reviewing Top Gun in order to inform America of how bad of a movie it really is that I did not have much to say about One Crazy Summer.

Good News: One Crazy Summer is such an awesome movie that you don't have to say much about it.

Bad News: If you're a fan of movies based on star power and special effects with no real story, you're going to hate my reviews... I hated Avatar.

Good News: There are so many crazy stories in the news this week that the next Good News Bad News should be awesome.