Sometimes food is the only constant in life and man does this Capital Region business know what they are doing when it comes to a certain kind of food.

I personally have many fond memories and thoughts when it comes to Mastroianni Bakery. Coming from an Italian family that can really appreciate good bread, I grew up with them. Beyond that I know for a fact that my mom just doesn't say rolls, she says Mastroianni rolls. That speaks volumes to the quality of product that this business has put out year after year. Like many other businesses they have had a rough patch.

Just last year the bakery filed bankruptcy and the future seemed bleak. Luckily they at least continued production, just not locally. Or at least super local. Utica is where at the moment everything is currently made. On to the positives, the company that bought them has full intentions of keeping their legacy alive. Thank you to Pumilia Pizza Shells for that!! More info in the video and at the link below courtesy of CBS 6.

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