I remember the debate right around Thanksgiving 2014 about major retailers deciding to stay open on Thanksgiving. Are they just greedy? What about the employees and their families? Will anyone even shop on Thanksgiving or wait until "Black Friday"?

The questions were answered pretty quickly when Walmart, Kmart, Macy’s, Target, RadioShack, and other big retailers announced they would be open for business on Thanksgiving day. In contrast, several other retailers like Costco, Marshalls, GameStop, and T. J. Maxx proclaimed they would be closed to preserve the holiday as a time for their employees to spend time with their families...and get ready for the "Black Friday" and holiday shopping hell that awaited them for the next two months.

Now, in 2020 it looks like the trend for retailers to stay open on turkey day is coming to an end. First, Walmart announced they would be closed then came Target, Costco, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club announcing the same thing. Today, Best Buy has joined the growing list of retailers that will be closed this Thanksgiving to give employees time to spend with their families.

Best Buy put out a press release that in-part stated, "We can all agree that, so far, 2020 has turned out differently than what we might have expected. And now, the holiday season at Best Buy, including Thanksgiving Day, is going to look different, too."

I'm sure an increase in online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic also fueled the retailer's decisions to stay closed. Also, the trend of valuing time with your family has been a constant theme during this crisis.

In addition, mask laws and social distancing might make our entire holiday shopping experience look a whole lot different this year. Who knows what's going to happen with the traditional huge crowds of shoppers streaming into big box stores on "Black Friday" to fight over deals on a new flat-screen TV or the hottest toy of the season. For now, just look forward to more stores closed on Thanksgiving day and more family time....don't forget the wine..you might need it.

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