It's a football filled Sunday!

The Super Bowl of course is today.  The Patriots are playing the Rams, if you're interested in that rivalry.  However, for a lot of people, the Super Bowl is about the experience- the beer, the snacks, the halftime show, and the ads.  But it doesn't need to get too fancy, like half of the recipes out there.  So, if you're looking for some last minute easy but yummy Super Bowl snacks, well, here's some ideas that I love:

  • Chili cheese dip: Easy easy easy!  A layer of cream cheese, a layer of canned chili, and some shredded cheese on top.  Pop it in the over and you got yourself a great dip!
  • Chicken Wings: There's some great brands of frozen wings, where you have to do nothing but pop them in the oven.  Always a good go-to
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip: Shred up a pre-cooked chicken (like the ones you can buy at the grocery store).  Then, layer a dish with cream cheese, then the shredded chicken, then some hot sauce or buffalo sauce.  And of course shredded cheese.  Pop it in the oven, mix it together, and you got yourself a dip!
  • Mile High Nachos:  The easiest recipe of all!  Nachos, shredded cheese, and whatever fixings you want.  If you only have the chance to make one thing, make a whopping large heap of yummy nachos.
  • Beer:  If all else fails, and you skimp on the snacks, at least have some beer to sip along as you watch the game!