Spring is here! Today is the first day of Spring. With all the snow still on the ground, I don't think anyone will be engaging in any Spring things today. Don't let it get you down. Instead, take the time to plan what you're going to do this Spring like go to the park. But which park is the best?

The First Day Of Spring At Kew Gardens
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In my opinion the Colonie Town Park is the best park in the Capital Region and my opinion is very biased because I grew up going to the Colonie Town Park. I rarely hear anyone from the Capital Region talk about it, so I don't like your parks and my park is the best.

All I ever hear about is Thatcher Park, Washington Park, The Crossings, or Central Park in Schenectady. Sometimes, I hear about the fancy parks in Saratoga but I am not impressed. I've been to all of these parks except for Thatcher Park. That's right, I have never been to Thatcher Park and I don't care because Colonie Town Park is better.

Why is the Colonie Town Park better then all the other local parks?

It's the park I got to!!!

Washington Park and the Crossings are not even real Parks because they're located in the middle of a urban and suburban/commercial area. Central Park in Schenectady has too many disc golfers and if you go to any of the Saratoga parks and you're not from Saratoga or Clifton Park all the locals stare at you like you're not supposed to be there.

Thatcher Park is overrated.




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