Dave and I have come to the conclusion that they don't make theme songs to Sitcoms like they used to, but now I am conflicted about what Sitcom had the best theme song.

Exhibit Celebrates 50th Anniversary of "I Love Lucy"
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What makes a good Sitcom theme?

It has to get stuck in your head, so that you find yourself humming it while you're using the restroom at work.

The theme song to Cheers is usually considered to be the best but if you listen to the whole song, it gets kind of weird.

The theme song to Friends is also considered to be one of the best ever, but I find it to be annoying and I am proud to say that I never 'clapped along,' I also feel that the Friends song is responsible for the downfall of Sitcom theme songs.

How is this even song?

Home Improvement has one the best theme songs ever, but the kids always bug me out on this show, especially the youngest.

For some reason the theme to Family Matters always got stuck in my head, and sometimes I would get it confused with the theme to Full House and Step By Step.

"Malcolm In The Middle" definitely has one of the best theme songs of all time, but is it cheating if it's a "They Might Be Giants" song?

You can't beat the classics, All in the Family is perhaps the best Sitcom theme song of all time, however this is all based on opinion.

These are some of my favorites and least favorites, but none are my choice for 'Best Sitcom Theme Song' you save the best for last.

And now just because I used the mage and I don't want to see anyone complaining in the comments, here is Lucy:

I refuse to post The Brady Bunch theme because they scare me and now I regret starting this blog so late because I forgot so many awesome Sitcom Theme Songs, I should of ended this blog here but I can't help myself.

I'm done I swear.

Just one more...


I am going to cut myself off now.

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