This is like easy money. Let’s take a look at what a good investment it is to take whoever the Knicks are playing. Not only are they below .500% since the Carmelo trade, but betting against them when they’re favored to win is like someone giving you the secret code to their ATM card.


The Knicks have played 20 games since the trade. Straight up, they are 8-12. But in the twelve games they’ve been favored in they are a lowly 3-9 versus the spread. Now I know that the Nets are absolutely horrible as they proved it again by losing their last game by 25 at home to the Rockets. And I know the Knicks just got a big win vs. Orlando. But wouldn’t it be just like them to lose to the Nets after a nice win against the Magic? After all, this is the same team that is 0-3 to the Cleveland Cavs (and 2 of those games were with Carmelo.)

I'm hoping Deron Williams comes back and has a big game tonight. But even if they tank I've done so well for myself with this trend that I've got to keep going to the well until it’s dry with the Knicks. Should they hang on for a playoff spot though, I believe that you could cash a few tickets with them as they have a much better mentality when in the underdog role. But tonight it's New Jersey +8.

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