News 10 abc has posted about a new FedEx warning regarding e-mail scams.  Specifically, e-mails are being sent to people with the subject "FedEx: Delivery Problems Notification."  The e-mail however leads those who click to a virus that infects their computer.  FedEx has said that it does not send out unsolicited e-mails, so despite the e-mail looking professional, and some links even looking like, don't click!  You can check out one of the sample scam e-mails at News 10 abc.

I for one am always hesitant of any kind of e-mail like this.  I've recently received a number of scam texts even, one text saying "You're Delta Flight Has Been Confirmed, click here" and another scam saying "Western Union: You have money waiting, click here."  I always look things up before I click, as unfortunately years ago I was the victim of both identify theft and a computer virus.  And let me tell you- identity theft STINKS. And it's a pain to get fixed.  Here's to hoping your holiday season is scam free!

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