Alright Bills, way to step up!

As a San Diego Chargers Fan, that may need to be on the hunt for a new team should the Chargers relocate, and since I've spent quite a  few years in New York State a New York team might be an obvious choice.  I gotta say that the Buffalo Bills are putting a good bid in here.

Not only do I enjoy rooting for the underdog (ahem *Chargers*) but when the team has a generally fun and  totally loyal fan base it definitely puts them in the lead. Speaking of taking a lead, the Bills have definitely just done that!

This week the Buffalo Bills announced that they have hired Kathryn Smith as the quality control-special teams coach. Which will make her the first full--time female coach in the NFL (how sad is it that it took until 2016 to be able to say that?). Of course this comes less than a year after the Arizona Cardinals hired Jen Welter to serve as a training-camp assistant coach.

I'm going to be honest and not even try to pretend to know what these very skilled women do for a living (beer & wings are more my forte when it comes to football) but I think I speak for women everywhere when I say that I'm glad these girls are finally getting a chance to show their stuff.

Feel free to CLICK HERE to get all the particulars that I couldn't articulate ha ha ha and CONGRATULATIONS Kathryn!!

Go Bills????

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