Say what you want about the Bills Mafia but they sure do make sure to look out for their own.

Ever since the Chargers left San Diego I have been struggling a bit with team loyalty. I told myself that this season I wasn't really going to root for anyone and I was going to let the entire league audition for me.

I've been finding myself leaning more and more towards rooting for the Buffalo Bills. Originally it was because I felt like I would be as equally excited and disappointed by the teams season as I was with the Chargers but the Buffalo Bills fans have started to have a big part in this decision. From their seriousness about tailgating to all the all their crazy antics I'm really becoming a fan of the fans.

If you watched the Bills v. Saints game on Sunday or have been on the internet at any point since then you may be aware that at one point during the game a naked man went for a little run on the field. If you missed it allow me to show you a little replay ...

Needless to say, the man letting it all hang out was eventually stopped an arrested. As a result, he will likely have to pay some hefty fines plus court and legal fees. Well, when the Bills Mafia discovered that the man had been going through some rough times losing a close family member and living in and out of homelessness they decided they weren't going to let him take on those costs alone.

So they have decided to hold a "Pants Off Dance Off" fundraiser to not only help pay for his legal fees but to raise some funds for others in similar off the field situations as the man himself. Obviously, it's a bit of a hike to Buffalo for the fundraiser but if you are interested WIVB says:

“A Pants Off Dance Off”-  will be held starting at 8 p.m. Nov. 25 at Expo Market, 617 Main St. (Buffalo NY) to help pay for legal expenses for “Bills streaker” Tristan Lambright.

Portions of the proceeds will be going to Crisis Services and the Hope Project

Apparently, they will be collecting clothes for the Hope Project as well and Park Avenue Imprints will be selling T-shirts with a special “Bills streaker” themed logo to benefit the Buffalo City Mission.

I really love how something so silly that got so serious just got turned into something so good for so many!

Now, I'm not ready to completely denounce my Chargers as of yet but that Bills Mafia might just be able to turn me.

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