Now right away, I sit back and go. What on earth is the confusion? Then I sit and wonder, what is this light even doing to help.

You may have seen these lights and wondered why are they there. You know the blinking yellow arrow for the turn lane paired next to a green light. I have seen one in Brunswick at the intersection of Route 142 and Route 7. More than likely because it is the only turn lane I have taken with one seeing as I pass through the Waterford intersection in the video above from News 10 all the time. Apparently it is confusing some drivers.

Now flashing yellow light or not, that intersection in  Waterford is sort of a nightmare. I could only imaging a trucker trying to navigate it like they do everyday. Id probably would need a change of underwear. My question is how does a blinking yellow light fix absolutely anything? Its purpose is literally to let a driver know to yield the right of way and go when possible. Anyone who has a drivers license should know that. Its common sense and the law.

Now to the confused ones, how is this confusing? You can drive through a yellow light. I don't get the confusion or the purpose in general. Do you?