Hey, we have to social distance anyway, why not do it in a boat while you're watching a movie?

Beyond Cinema is a Sydney Australia company that is known for giving movie fans an immersive movie experience. Like showing "Shashank Redemption" in an old prison with everyone dressed as guards and prisoners. They also did an event themed around the movie "Titanic" where everyone dressed in costumes from the period, danced the Irish Jig below decks, and watched the movie on a ship. Beyond Cinema describes themselves on their website as, "We are storytellers, fantasy creators and film lovers combined together to bring a unique cinema experience TO transport you to a place beyond your wildest imagination! We bring you an immersive and magical cinematic journey that blurs the boundaries between film and the real world."

Their latest cinema experience is coming to New York, and other locations around the country, in September. The concept is pretty simple really. Put 12 to 24 boats in a body of water, put a screen on the shore and you and your friends watch a movie while floating. The boats keep everyone socially distanced and you have a very unique experience. The experience will be in New York for one week, from Sept. 16 to 20. When you buy a ticket, you buy the entire boat so you're sure your only sitting with friends and family you know.

This sounds like a great opportunity to watch "Jaws", "Titanic", "The Meg" or even a classic like "The Creature From The Black Lagoon". Think how freaky it would be to be watching the shark in Jaws bumping up against The Orca in the movie, while you're floating in a little boat on the water. Sounds like fun to me!

No location has been announced for the Boat-In movies yet, but how cool would it be to have this on Lake George?

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