I remember seeing the Iron Scow when I was six or seven years old.

My grandparents took me to Niagara Falls and I was fascinated by the entire experience. The rushing river, the mist, the roaring sound. But most of all, I was fascinated by the ship that was stuck upriver from the falls. My grandfather told me story of the scow breaking away from a tug boat in 1918. There was a dramatic rescue of two crew members that were on the scow when it broke loose. Recovery or salvage of the boat in the raging river would have been too dangerous so officials just left it stuck on the rocks.

So, for 101 years the iron scow had not moved from its resting place above the falls...until Halloween night. Sometime during the Halloween night the scow became unstuck from the rocks that had held it for over 100 years. It rolled over onto its side and spun around in the river before getting stuck on the rocks again 50 meters downriver and closer to the falls. It's in a completely different spot and orientation than it was during the day of Oct. 31.

According to an article in NYUp, heavy rains Thursday night most likely cause the scow to move about 1/3 of a mile away from the falls edge.

Will the Iron Scow go over the falls? It's anyone's guess. It might stay in that spot for another 100 years or tomorrow it could tumble over the falls. All I know is I better see video of it going over the falls if it happens!


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