Saratoga Lake Life Saving Rescue Reinforces Ice Safety
There is something majestic when you can ice skate, snowmobile, snowshoe, or even walk on one of the beautiful bodies of water in the Capital Region. But as temperatures start to fluctuate, it is important to be reminded to be ready for anything when heading out on the ice. A woman was snowshoeing …
It's National Mutt Day
Wasn't it just National Mutt Day this Summer? Why, yes it was! National Mutt Day celebrates mixed breed dogs on July 31st as well as today, December 2nd! If you have an issue with that you are "barking" up the wrong tree!
You’ll Never Believe What Had To Be Rescued from the Hudson River
Well, here's some weird news for you.  Of all the things to be rescued from the Hudson River, I'd say something worth $127,000 is worth it.  And if it's something that can help you walk and function daily?  Definitely worth it.  As reported by News Channel 13, someone lost their $127,000 prosthetic …

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