I have heard of some odd addictions and even some odd collectibles, but this guy takes the cake for sure.


Welcome to another edition of what the hell is wrong with British people.  Meet Bob Gibbons, a mechanic from the merry old land of England.  Gibbons has a very unusual collecting hobby.  Coins? Stamps?  Rare gems?  No, this guy collects what are known here in the US as real dolls. In fact he has about 240 of them!

10 years ago Gibbons purchased a mannequin simply because it "caught his eye."  He then decided that he needed something a little bit more anatomically correct.  I don't really know why, because he insists that he doesn't have sex with them.  He does take them for drives however, and also likes to have afternoon tea with them.  Oddly enough he is a married man! Him and his wife liek to dress them up and pose for pictures.  Seems like a very expensive hobby since real dolls are valued at around $4,000.

Gibbons thinks he is the record holder for the most real dolls. There is a man in Japan that has over 100, mere pocket change compared to Gibbons massive collection.  Not only does he collect the real dolls, but he says he also owns a large variety of blow up dolls as well.  Why the blow up dolls?  Mainly because they run anywhere from $48 to $600, so when he isn't in the mood to drop a few hundred grand on a doll he can get his jollys from one of these. All together his collection is worth around $160,000.

I can't believe that his wife is ok with all of this craziness.  According to AOL news she even attends the forum that Gibbons runs over in England for fellow doll lovers.  It was also added that she is usually the only woman there.  To each there own I guess, the only thing I ever collected was baseball cards.

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